世界初の生体適合性 RTVシリコーンゴム マスク





Before 2013, innerexile self-healing protective cases were made using the in-mold decoration, IMD process. The application of this technology was costly since it necessitated the use of a membrane that was attached to a film. The film was placed on the phone’s screen to protect the screen. Therefore, buying protective cases was expensive at that time.

In 2013, a new panel coating technology, geared to offer both screen and back panel protection, was discovered. The technology enabled protective cases to withstand a scratching force of up to 750 grams. Besides, the protective cases would only take three minutes to self-heal from the scratching force. In 2014, spray coating technology was discovered and later improved through research to form a transparent coat that prevented scratches. This technology brought the invention of the instant self-repair case.

nnerexile has won design awards, leading to a market footprint in more than thirty countries worldwide. Awards include Good Design award from 2012 to 2014, Golden Pin Design award, Taiwan Excellence award in 2014 and Computex d&I award in 2014 for their products.